BGMU Concerned About Water Usage As WKU Students Return

The Warren County Water Shortage Alert has been in effect for nearly two weeks.

Those with Bowling Green Municipal Utilities say there hasn't been much of a drop-off when it comes to water usage.

On average, BGMU's Water Treatment Plant is treating 21-million gallons per day.

Those with the utility company say they'd like to see the average drop below 20-million gallons.

Now with Western set to start next week, they're concerned about extra usage.

"With Western coming back on, we're going to probably average a million gallons per day. That's what we've seen in the past," said Miles McDaniel, with BGMU.

Those with BGMU will be at "Welcome Back Western" on Aug. 29 with information about water conservation.

To help conserve water, it's recommended you wash a full load of laundry and dishes.

On the days when you can water your lawn, use the minimum amount of about an inch.

Also, take showers instead of baths and limit water usage when brushing your teeth.

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