Hart County Wet\Dry Vote

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"You mention winery, they know where it's at."

Billy Stover started his winery in 1997 after watching "A Walk In The Clouds," a movie about grape harvesting one a winery.

"I said that's what I want to do."

He grows French hybrid grapes on one acre of his property. He plans to plant two more acres next year.

"What we're looking at here is a Cotova grapevine. I raised this thing from a clipping. A clipping is a foot of a branch that I planted back in the spring."

By law, Stover cannot sell his wine or offer tastings in Hart County.

"I want to open up a tasting room. That's what the whole vote's about. It's not anything about Miller or Jack Daniels. It's just a winery asking for the right to sell its product, which it's making here anyway, on the premises."

If the vote on September 14th is passed, Billy Stover's wine store could open as soon as Thanksgiving of this year.

"As far as getting people to sign the petition that got us able to put it up for a vote, we got all kinds of support. It's getting them out to the polls that's important."

He says there's a misconception that he will be serving other kinds of alcohol. But he says wineries are limited, by law, to allowing only six small servings to each tester. And he is only allowed to sell wine that he produces.

If the wet\dry vote is passed on September 14th, it will only apply to the Stover Family Winery Inc. And not other businesses in Hart County.