Winkler Starts New Life

A minister's wife convicted of shooting her husband to death is starting a new life in McMinnville, Tenn.

Mary Winkler was freed on Aug. 14 after serving 67 days in a mental health facility.

Back in April, a jury found Mary Winkler guilty of voluntary manslaughter for the shooting death of her husband, Matthew.

Winkler now lives with Rudie Thomsen and his family.

Mary has declined all interview requests.

"Because we got just inundated with phone calls, from Rivera, Oprah Winfrey, all the news channels," Thomsen said.

But now, Thomsen is speaking out for the first time since Winkler's release from a mental health facility.

"I mean the girl has had a jury trial, she was found guilty of voluntary manslaughter and she was sentenced. Her incarceration is over and now she has probation. Why do we have to continue to bring it up?" Thomsen asked.

Thomsen added that many people still don't forgive Mary for what she did.

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