Lost Class Ring Returned After 30 Years

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"I graduated from Todd Central in 1974, and like all graduates I was very proud of my ring."

After she graduated Elaine Powell married in 1976. Her husband was in the military and they lived near the base at Fort Campell.

"Our trailer, our home, was burglarized. We lost a lot of items. Those items included our class rings."

They had no hope of ever getting their rings back, until recently.

"The principal at Todd Central, Mr. Bruce Voth, received an Email."

Voth says, "It was just someone who had come across a ring with initials inside. It had Todd Central on the outside and he was just on our website and he'd been trying to find us."

The man lives in Columbia, South Carolina, and he asked Voth if he could find out who the ring belonged to.

Voth says, "He said well, let's go look at composites on the wall, I'm sure we can find her. And sure enough in the Class of '74 her picture was right there."

The man had had the ring for years and in an Email to Powell he wrote, "For years I wondered how I could ever find its owner. So thanks to computerized search, which I just thought of recently, the search is over."

So now that she has the ring back, does it fit?

"Yes, I can still put it on. I probably won't wear it very much, but it does still fit."

The most important thing to Powell is that she has part of her memories returned.

"I'm just extremely thankful to have this ring back. It's not its value or that I'll even wear it that much. It's just a significant memento of my high school years that I'm very proud to have."

The South Carolina man who had the ring says his daughter got it from a friend, who had gotten it from a boyfriend. After they broke up, she gave it away. So her dad kept the ring and for years he tried to find out who it belonged to. Powell she offered to pay him back, but he said, "The cost is negligible, my pleasure will be your receiving a lost treasure."