When Can I Use Water Outdoors?

With the lack of rain we've seen, just a reminder that Warren County is still under a water shortage warning.

According to Bowling Green Municipal Utilities, the Barren Lake and River, our main sources for water, are well below normal levels for this time of year.

During the past few weeks, many people say they've been trying to conserve water, even firefighters.

"We don't want to be out using fire fighting water if we don't have to. We'd like to preserve as much as possible," said Keith Mefford, Asst. Fire Chief for the Bowling Green Fire Dept.

Water Restriction Schedule

  • Sunday - Even-numbered addresses only
    • Monday - No outdoor water usage
    • Tuesday - Odd-numbered addresses only
    • Wednesday - Even-numbered addresses only
    • Thursday - Odd-numbered addresses only
    • Friday - Even-numbered addresses only
    • Saturday - Odd-numbered addresses only
    • These restrictions mean limits on washing vehicles or equipment, filling swimming pools and fountains, watering grass and other plants and hosing off sidewalks or driveways.

      The restrictions will continue until further notice.

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