Tourist Hot Spots Gear Up For Labor Day Weekend

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The official end of summer is almost here.

Labor Day marks the last few weeks of warm weather before fall comes.

But with such a dry and hot summer and higher gas prices, the question is, "Will we see a lot of tourists in our area for this holiday?"

We checked out the area tourist attractions to find out.

Pat and Daryl Vanns are just two of many people that are expected to visit tourist attractions here in South-Central Kentucky on Labor Day weekend.

"We have a daughter coming in from Baton Rouge with her family and we expect to be on the lake most of the time," the Vanns assured.

Wayne Shelton, with the Barren River State Park Marina said that this summer, despite high gas prices and extreme heat, they've had pretty good attendance.

"We're at least as good, if not better, than we have been in the past," Shelton said.

Which is why they are gearing up for an equally successful Labor Day weekend.

"If we can keep it to where we're in the low 90s or 85 and above, it'll help the turnout. People just don't like that 103-106 degree weather here," Shelton explained.

Rho Lansden, with Lost River Cave, said they are expecting a lot of tourists to come through their cave and go sight-seeing through Bowling Green.

"They often stop for a break and they know that Bowling Green is a great welcoming city," Lansden said.

She added that one of the selling points of getting people to the cave is the fact that despite how hot it is outside, the cave inside is a cool 57-degrees.

"I don't expect the heat and the gas to affect us at all Labor Day weekend. I plan for us to be very busy," Lansden admitted.

As far as the Vanns are concerned, they say they'll be out enjoying the last few days of summer.

"We'll be here. Whether it's 105-degrees or 125-degrees. We'll be here, that's right," they assured.

The National Corvette Museum is also expecting a huge crowd for its 30th anniversary celebration during Labor Day weekend.

Check out what area attractions are doing for the holiday!

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