Fiscal Court to hear Opposition to Old Scottsville Rd. Development

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A group of neighbors who oppose a new Old Scottsville Road development filed a formal notice of opposition with the Warren County Fiscal Court on Thursday.

On Friday, residents of Stone Bluff subdivision will ask magistrates for a formal hearing on the proposed rezoning of a 124-acre tract of land across from their neighborhood. Residents maintain they don't oppose the idea of development, but say the 1-acre lot size minimums would put an urban design into a rural setting.

"What they're really asking for is that type of progress that would be consistent with the neighborhood that's already there. And the complaint is it's not," says David Broderick, Stone Bluff attorney.

Stone Bluff residents also say the Planning and Zoning Commission was misinformed about the size and housing density of their community at a re-zoning hearing.

Broderick will appear before the Fiscal Court at it's regular meeting at 10:00am on Friday, and magistrates will decide then when to hold a formal hearing. That hearing could come as early as tomorrow.

The rezoning measure passed its 1st reading at the last Fiscal Court meeting, but could be altered or tabled before its 2nd reading.