Adventures in Kentucky: Land Between the Lakes Bike Trails

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The last time on Adventures in Kentucky, we took at look back at one of Brandon's top Adventure picks.

On this Aug. 27 edition, Brandon brings you an Adventure on two wheels from the Land Between the Lakes.

"We're about a mile and a half from some of the best trails in Kentucky--we think. We've got approximately 50 miles of trails," said Kirk Strader, co-owner of "Wood-N-Wave Bicycles and Watersports."

And no matter how much you get out and ride here, it never gets dull.

"I've got close to 10,000 miles on this trail and I love it every time I come out. You see the wildlife and you see the view," assured Steven Beckett, a cycling enthusiast.

So with an endorsement like that, how could we not get in on such an adventure?

Steve Wilson owns "Wood-N-Wave Bicycles and Watersports" along with Strader, near the Land Between the Lakes and they have invited us for a nice, leisurely ride.

"Cycling is a good sport with low impact--unless you crash," Strader admitted.

This ride is anything but leisurely. These guys take mountain biking seriously.

Not only do they ride hard, but they're also great teachers.

I love extreme an adventure, but not all cycling has to be that dangerous.

"We have a team that races together, but it's the people that are the families. There's not many things that families can do. Soccer, baseball, cheerleading-- all these things that our kids do where we just sit and watch. Cycling is something that you do as a family still," explained Steven Beckett, a cycling enthusiast.

"That's what it's all about, getting people outdoors and getting them on a bike," Strader said.

For more information on the mountainbiking trails in the Land Between the Lakes or for other cycling or watersport needs, click here.

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