Glasgow Bus Accident Results In Minor Injuries

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Several students are treated for minor injuries ranging from bruises to torn muscles after a bus accident in Glasgow.

"It wasn't anything major. It was an accident." That's the message police, hospital and school officials are sending Glasgow residents after the collision of a car and school bus early Aug. 28.

We talked to one 8th Grader who was along for the ride during the morning collision.

Calvin Penn is an 8th Grader at Glasgow Middle School.

On the ride to school, his bus was involved in a two car collision.

"We stopped at a stop sign. The bus driver looked both ways and he started going again. When we were about at the middle of the intersection, a car to our right wasn't stopping and he just kinda rammed into us," Penn explained.

The wreck happened at the intersection of Mill St. and Franklin Rd., the site of a sharp curve.

"Some people fell out of their seats and some people just looked up and some were crying," Penn added.

The impact to the bus packed a jolt, but Glasgow Police assured that most of the kids were in fine shape and could still head to class.

"We had a couple of units out, and they evaluated and checked all the students and made sure they were okay. Another school bus was brought in to transport to the individual schools," said Ken Thomas, with the Glasgow Police Dept.

"We received ten (students) so far from the bus wreck. Many of them were treated and released with minor injuries," said Bill Edwards, with the T.J. Samson Community Hospital.

Now school officials want parents to know that taking the bus is still a safe way to travel.

"These buses are about six or seven times safer than any other public transportation. They're constructed in a way that they'll absorb the impact and they'll force other vehicles under the bus due to the height and frame construction," Glasgow Transportation Director Tommy Elliott said.

And students want their parents to know, they're doing okay.

"It wasn't anything major. It was just an accident," Penn assured.

Glasgow Police add that despite the sharp curve at the intersection of South Franklin and Mill St., the area is not known for collisions.

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