BGMU Asks WKU Students To Conserve Water

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With the recent water shortage alert in the area, BGMU employees were on hand at the "Welcome Back Western" event, to educate students about the shortage and water conservation.

Western Kentucky University is back in session and some students say they weren't surprised to return to campus and hear of a water shortage alert.

"I kinda figured because it's been 100 plus degrees for a long time," WKU Senior Matt Blansit said.

Warren County has been under this alert for weeks now which is why employees with Bowling Green Municipal Utilities are talking with students.

"We are asking Western students to be conscious of our water shortage. We are asking them to be aware that water is low and we need to be conserving water as much as possible," explained Sheila Senn, Marketing Coordinator at BGMU.

BGMU say it has noticed a difference in water usage since Western students have returned to campus.

"There is more water being used and the water still at an alert level," Senn continued."

"There's over 18,000 students that come back and that's a lot more water that needs to go out than normal," Blansit added..

Some students say they've already been conserving.

"I've went about a month without washing my car, so that's probably done something to help it," WKU Sophomore Rachel Gossett admitted.

"I try to cut back on showers and try not to wash my dishes as long as possible," Blansit said.

And look what you can help save by cutting back.

Turning off the water while brushing or shaving can save three gallons of water a day.

Taking shorter showers by two minutes can save five gallons of water per day.

And fixing a leaky faucet can save 20 gallons of water per day.

BGMU says by doing these simple things, it won't go unnoticed.

"That's the reason we're out here--trying to let Western students know that even if each person makes a conscious effor to conserve, it will help our water levels," Senn said.

To see more water conservation tips click on the following link:

Find out when you can use water outdoors, here.

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