Power Line Brings Problems For Bowling Green Resident

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A newly constructed Tennessee Valley Authority power line is bringing electricity to a portion of Bowling Green, but some area residents aren't happy about its arrival.

The Cline family watched their trees be sawed down Aug. 28 to make way for the powerline.

Now they're missing their backyard greenery and are ready to take TVA to court to get a large compensation.

We spoke with one woman about her request to the TVA and what company said in response.

Renee Cline's view from her Bowling Green home is completely different from what it used to be.

"They've definitely devalued this home with the cutting down of these trees and I think they have diminished the quality of our residential home privacy," Cline explained.

The clearing was initiated by the Tennessee Valley Authority to make way for a new power line and TVA says that they wouldn't have placed the structure on the Cline family's property if it weren't the best place to put it.

"All possible routes are evaluated over a wide range of issues. In terms of impact to individuals, property owners, etc-- they come to the best alternative," said TVA employee Gil Francis.

But with 100-year-old trees on the property now turned to sawdust, Renee doesn't feel that TVA is offering a large enough compensation.

But TVA argues she's getting her fair share.

"If your property's worth "X," it's worth "X,"--not triple "X." We follow a process of getting a fair market value," Francis explained.

"I'm hoping for a fair shot in court with the TVA to be paid due compensation for what's been done here and how it's impacted my home of 16 years," Cline added.

And while the case may soon be in court, TVA officials hope the issue won't go that far.

They say 99-percent of homeowner compensations work out and they hope the same for this one.

"We all depend on electric power, and that power is crossing somebody's property somewhere to get to you," Francis assured.

Among Renee's other concerns is the idea that the power line standing next to her home may bring up health concerns.

A representative for TVA responds that there have been no direct links between health effects and power lines.

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