Teachers Trade Places

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Sometimes it's good to walk a mile in another person's shoes.

And this is just what the faculty at one area elementary school decided to do.

What they got was an experiment in role reversal.

You might not think a math teacher is teaching your child music.

Or even that this music teacher is showing her math.

But on Aug. 30, they traded places.

"It kind of started out as a joke that it would be really neat to do in our elementary school," Richardsville Elementary Principal Kory Twyman said.

Mary Rockey normally teaches 6th Grade at Richardsville Elementary.

But on this day she has these kids marching to the beat of a different tune as their music teacher.

"She has very big shoes to fill so it's been difficult," Rockey said.

The feeling's mutual. Music Teacher Pam Thurman said Mrs. Rockey left her good lesson plans.

"As good as they were, I still didn't know what I was doing but it was good--at least I know what her job is like, so it's a fun thing," Thurman assured.

The kids weren't quite sure what to think.

Some were amused.

"Some of them looked disappointed when they walked in because they knew I wasn't going to help much in math," Thurman said.

Others say they still learned something.

But this was a learning experience for the teachers.

"I think it definitely builds community and everyone will better appreciate what others do," Rockey admitted.

"Sometimes you look at them and think they have it real easy, but every job is hard," Thurman added.

"It takes us all to teach the kids, it's not just about who's in your classroom," Twyman said.

The teachers say while it was a good for a day or two, they're glad things will soon go back to normal.

The teachers took turns switching jobs two days this week.

They say while it was challenging, it was good to get out of their comfort level.

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