Labor Day Tourism at Glasgow Bed & Breakfast

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Labor Day marks the end of summer and is usually the last big weekend for tourist attractions.

However, with the heat and low water levels at many of the areas lakes, you might think tourism would be low this year.

The Hall Place in Glasgow has been a bed and breakfast for quite some time, but Gary and Karin Carroll have only owned it for about a year.

"Tried twice in Arizona and twice in California and the didn't go through. This one went through like open doors," says Karin Baldwin-Carroll, owner of Hall Place.

This has been a lifelong dream for Gary and Karin. They moved here from Arizona to do it.

"I thought, 'I'm not getting any younger,' " says Karin Baldwin-Carroll.

Finally, in Kentucky, they succeeded.

"It wasn't meant to be and this was," says Karin Baldwin-Carroll.

Karin says after they bought this house, she found out she's related the person who built it.

"It's called Hall Place for Dr. James Hall and the tea room is Theodocia's tea room who was his wife. She was Theodocia Tompkins which Tompkinsville was named after her cousin Daniel, Vice President to Monroe," says Karin Baldwin-Carroll.

This house is full of history and Karin says that's only one thing that draws tourists here.

"Most people come here for caves, some for corvettes, and some for the lakes," says Gary Carroll, owner of Hall Place.

Gary says people are coming from all over the world and they're not letting the heat get in their way.

"The heat isn't just picking on us, its picking on the whole United States. So, actually people come and say yeah its hot, but where I come from its hotter," says Gary Carroll.

"We're booked for the weekend when I say booked that means we're on a blow up mattress on the floor," says Karin Baldwin-Carroll.

It isn't unusual for Karin and Gary to give up their bedroom for customers, they say their business isn't a seasonal attraction and they'll be just as busy the rest of the year.

Gary and Karin say many of their fall and winter customers are business travelers and are typically booked more during the week than the weekend.

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