Labor Day Weekend Means More Enforcement

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It's Labor Day weekend, which means more people traveling...

"People go to the lake. They'll be alot of people on the roads maybe," says WKU student Josh Dugger.

And more enforcement...

"We've already seen three troopers," says Louisville residents Michael Blair and Katie Gordon.

"We're expecting a lot of traffic this weekend, a lot of people on the highway," KSP Trooper Jonathan McChesney explained..

Jonathan McChesney said he's already preparing for the holiday weekend.

"We're always looking for people driving under the influence. This year with the new seatbelt law we're looking for people not wearing seatbelts. We're looking for any reckless or erratic drivers that might cause an accident," says Trooper McChesney.

Trooper McChesney offers these suggestions if you're going to be on the roadways.

"Just try to slow down a little bit. There's more traffic out than usual. Keep your seatbelt on. If you're going to be drinking, have a designated driver and don't be out on the highway drinking and driving," he said.

By doing those things you'll avoid seeing blue lights in your rearview mirror.

"Basically just slow down and pay attention to the other people around you," says Trooper McChesney.

Some drivers say they'll do just that this Labor Day weekend.

"We're gonna abide by the speed limit," says Michael Blair.

Because no matter how far you may be going this weekend there will be extra eyes watching.

"We're having roadblocks, having more enforcement out than we normally do on a holiday weekend," says Trooper McChesney.

Kentucky State Police say this is one of their busiest holidays of the year.

They expect to be out all weekend making sure motorists are abiding by the law when on the roadways.

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