Hometown Hero: Christian Academy Students

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When the fire alarm was pulled at an area school and no drill was planned or fire was found, the students knew something was wrong.

The eighth grade class followed their gut instinct and made a remarkable discovery, making them this week's Hometown Heroes.

Mable Gregory helps children in the cafeteria at Bowling Green Christian Academy, something she's done for ten years.

But a couple of weeks ago, her normal routine went terribly awry when Mable went outside to put something in storage.

"I didn't intend to let the door slam on me but it slammed and then I couldn't get out," Mable said.

A diabetic, Mable was trapped in this tiny room and it was 100-degrees outside.

"I began to get real hot and start breathing funny because I panicked," she continued.

But Mable had an idea--she pulled the fire alarm.

Three Eighth-Graders--Taylor Boswell, Emily Chenault and Jake Trabue noticed something out of the ordinary.

"We went out the back door and we heard a banging noise and we didn't know what it was," Trabue said.

The students didn't just shrug it off, they went to investigate.

"This is where we heard her knocking and she was stuck," Chenault added.

"My first thought was thank you god, thank you. I knew someone would hear me," Mable said.

"She was crying, she was speechless," Boswell remembered.

The students know if they hadn't followed their gut instincts, things could have turned out differently.

"If we hadn't opened the door she would've died - it was awesome that we heard her knocking," Chenault said.

"I just thank god that I got out okay and that I'm still here because I've got a feeling I probably would not have been if I had stayed any longer," Mable added.

"She could have passed out and no one would have found her. It was amazing we found her that day," Boswell said.

That's what makes Taylor, Emily and Jake this week's Hometown Heroes.

"They're very caring and loving and they have wonderful parents and I just thank god for them," Mable admitted.

Mable is diabetic, so she was especially thankful to be rescued as soon as she was.

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