Labor Day Tourists Hit Bowling Green

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Many people are taking the opportunity this holiday weekend to travel, whether it's going to the lake or traveling to attractions in our area.

Since Bowling Green is a tourist attraction, many people are expected to pass through this weekend.

We found out just how busy the city's been on this last weekend of summer.

Debbie Sanning originally came down to Bowling Green this Labor Day weekend just to see her daughter at Western.

But instead her family ended up at Lost River Cave.

"When we came down here, we saw the signs on the freeway on I-65 and thought it'd be really interesting. We came and spent the day here mining for gems, we did some hiking through the butterfly habitat and went on the boat tour," Sanning admitted.

Debbie and her family were in good company as thousands of tourists came to town for the Labor Day holiday.

The cave itself has had sold out boat tours most of the weekend.

Vicki Fitch works for the Bowling Green Area Convention and Tourist Bureau and said one of the events that brought a lot of people to the area was the National Corvette Museum's 13th anniversary celebration.

"We felt like it would be a good weekend. There were several activities that were planned for quite a while. That was a great event to have this weekend. It brought in lots of people to our area, and in our hotels and into our attraction, so it was a good basis," Fitch assured.

Local hotels definitely felt the surge of tourists in our area.

The University Plaza Holiday Inn was at 90-percent capacity of its 218 rooms this weekend.

"Not many people look at gas prices and the heat and things as a factor of whether they're going to come or not," said Holiday Inn employee Morgan Staley.

But Fitch said while there were close to 15 big events taking place, like the corvette anniversary, family reunions, baseball tournaments and soccer games also attracted many people to the area.

Sanning said she's been so impressed with her experience in Bowling Green as a tourist, she plans to visit again.

"It was a wonderful day," she said.

Fitch estimates money brought in this Labor Day weekend from tourists will end up being between one and two-million dollars.

She said that will match the last two years in total money grossed from this holiday weekend.

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