Felix Heads Toward Central America

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Hurricane Felix is heading across the Caribbean toward Central America.

Nicaragua and Honduras have posted Hurricane Warnings.

The potentially catastrophic storm is expected to smash into Belize on Sept. 5.

After battering several Dutch islands, including Aruba, Felix is now whipping across the Caribbean Sea, setting his sights on Honduras and Belize.

With winds up to 165 MPH along with pounding rain, Felix's power is super: October 2005 being compared to Wilma of 2005-the most intense hurricane recorded in the Atlantic Basin.

"If you look at the satellite imagery, it's just really, really powerful looking with a very distinct eye," said Hurricane Expert Max Mayfield.

Hoping for the best but preparing for massive destruction, residents of Belize are bracing for Felix's anticipated arrival on Wednesday. The Category 5 hurricane is threatening far greater damage than the flooding it has already produced. Based on most weather models, Felix poses little danger to the us.

"Almost all the models keep it well down in the extreme Southwestern Gulf of Mexico, the Bay of Catch Pha or even over to Central America and Mexico. If it's really mostly sunny inland, it will have a hard time come back to hurricane status," Mayfield explained.

In Honduras, officials are monitoring the weather without any evacuations so far and tourists are still basking in the quiet before the storm.

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