Adventures in Kentucky: Aerial Acrobatics

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WBKO's Brandon Lokit's has tackled many adventures over the last few months.

He's wiped out wakeboarding, tried his hand at mountain biking and even rock climbing.

This week, we decided to give him the week off.

So on the addition of Adventures in Kentucky, we take a look back at one of his adventures where he took to the sky for some aerial acrobatics during a salute to the men and women in our armed forces.
I've always been a thrill seeker, so when I was invited to tag along with a pilot for a few extreme maneuvers, I couldn't say no.

On the day of take off, I find myself in Russellville along with local pilots and community members who have gathered to honor the men and women in our armed forces.

"It's called a fly-in, but obviously today is not a very good example--it's more of a splash-in. But planes fly in and we usually have a barbecue and today is a special event for military appreciation day," said Terry Richardson, a retired Navy pilot.

Joe Lawrence is the President of the local Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter. The EAA is an international group of aviation enthusiasts that began with people who built and flew their own experimental airplanes.

"We have freedoms here that are beyond belief almost and sometimes we take them for granted. The only reason we have these freedoms is because we have people that will stand up and be counted and defend those freedoms and defend our flag so today is for them," Lawrence explained.

After we honor our armed forces, the adventure begins. We are flying in a Citabria, a very small two-seater single engine propeller plane and because we will be flying upside-down, I must wear a parachute.

Once in the air we climb to the proper altitude and the fun begins.

Sadly, we have to land, but after a flight like that, I will certainly be looking out for the next chance fly

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