Mattel Recalls Third Batch of Toys

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The latest toy recall from Mattel is the third in the last three weeks.

This third batch of recalls also involves Chinese-made toys with excessive levels of lead paint.

This latest recall feeds into the concern raised just three weeks ago with the last massive recall--that there are still more dangerous toys out there. And it's something we asked Mattel CEO Bob Eckert about directly

"We'll continue searching. We're testing every single batch out of every single plant that makes toys for us. And we'll continue that work," assured Eckert.

And now, the results--11 new toys recalled, including Barbie playset accessories and other toys from the company's Fisher-Price brand.

Approximately 775,000 units--new toys and the same issue controlling production in China.

"What we're requiring of all of our suppliers is that every batch of paint be tested before it's used and then we are testing every batch of toys to make sure that toys are safe before we ship them. This is an ongoing process, we continue to work very rigorously at it," Eckert explained.

We asked Mattel again if there will there be more toy recalls? In their response, they assured consumers
that they have completed testing for vendor-manufactured toys for the fall and holidays.

For the latest information on recalls, click here.

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