Seven Horses Die In Barn Fire

A barn fire in Shelby County claims the lives of seven horses.

The fire broke out around four a.m. on Sept. 5.

Hundreds of bales of hay helped fuel the flames.

A woman who lived in an apartment above the barn was able to escape.

She tried to get the horses out, but was severely burned.

Some of the animals were expensive show horses, including saddlebred and quarterhorses.

"You expect it and you worry during thunderstorms and lightning strikes. That catches a lot of horse barns that you've seen in the past but no, it was a total shock this morning when the call said the barn had burned," explained Gail Ritter, a friend of the fire victim.

Not only are the horse owners devastated by their loss, but it will also impact troubled youth who visit the farm to learn how to care for horses.

The fire remains under investigation.

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