Crews Continue Search For Missing Aviator

Rescue teams looking for missing aviator Steve Fossett have expanded the territory in which they are searching up to 10,000 sq. miles across California and Nevada.

Officials say the intensive aerial, ground and water search for Fossett could last two weeks or longer and although they are four days into the search, they have barely scratched the surface.

Crews will also be searching a lake in northwestern Nevada, using sonar to determine whether the multi-millionaire adventurer might have crashed and gone under the surface.

Friends of Fossett say he is the opposite of what most think of him.

"He's not a risk taker. People think he is from what he's done, but he is cautious and you assume those risks and you go about your life," said pilot and friend John Morgan.

Fossett has been missing since Sept. 3.

Searchers say they are frustrated that Fossett did not file a flight plan because they feel he would've been found by now.

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