China Made Weather Radios Recalled

It's not food or toys, but there is another major recall on a product made in China.

Oregon Scientific Inc. is recalling four types of its weather radios because they could fail to receive National Weather Service Alert signals in certain areas of the country.

Retail stores nationwide are recalling about 66,000 in total.

Those include "All Hazards Portable Weather Alert Radio," "Portable Public Alert Radio," "Public Alert Weather Station" and "John Deere Public Alert Weather Station."

Luckily, the weather radios we promote are not recalled.

Shane Holinde wants to assure you our Midland Weather Radios have strong reception.

"The real advantage of the Midland Weather Radios is the great reception, and we always hear that from our viewers. But if it ever has bad reception it will let you know. The weather display will actually scroll and says 'Check Reception.' You can also move your weather radio or extend the antenna to get better reception," Holinde explained.

If you need to program your weather radio, click here.

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