Trailer Post Office Has Some Residents Upset

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Some Todd County residents are upset about the quality of a new post office in their community.

Earlier this year, the post office in Clifty, Kentucky fell off its foundation during construction and is no longer in use.

Now, a trailer has been placed up the road from the old post office and after renovations, it will be the new facility.

This has some residents upset.

"We really need a post office in Clifty. It's so far to drive to go do anything," said Clifty resident Alan Elgin.

But this wasn't what Elgin had in mind.

"I heard they were going to put in a new building down here and the next thing you know, we've got a trailer," he added.

Elgin owns a local restaurant and builds houses. He was hoping to see something benefit a growing community.

"It's a good location up there for it and everything. Hopefully there will be more families needing to use it," he continued.

After the first post office's floor collapsed, this temporary post office took its place at the beginning of summer.

"We didn't think it was going to be anything like this," Clifty resident Randy Pritchett assured.

Clifty residents are upset with this set up and call the trailer an eye sore.

"It would be better for the community if it just had a regular post office building put up," Pritchett said.

"I guess you can dress things up pretty good," Elgin added.

Post office officials say the trailer is in the process of renovations.

"I think there would be more repairs on a mobile home than a regular building," Pritchett said.

They say the new facility will have a handicap ramp and indoor access to all of their services including P.O. Boxes, which is something the old post office didn't offer.

"But some things can't be dressed up," Elgin admitted.

Elgin said this trailer isn't what his community needs.

Post office officials wouldn't comment on camera, but say this was the best option for Clifty because a new building could take years to complete.

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