Sixty Years on the Job

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Most of us can't imagine working 60 years, much less working that long at the same job.

But a Hart County woman has done just that and has no plans of stopping anytime soon.

It's just another day at the office for Mildred Price.

Another day that helps make it 60 years she's spent on the job.

"When we first started working in the drugstore we filled capsules with powder," Mildred explained.

Mildred began work at this pharmacy in 1947.

Over the years the name has changed and so has the people she's worked with.

And thanks to technology, so has the way she does her job.

"We had no computers and we didn't even have plastic at that time. We put pills in little boxes," she added.

Computers may have added convenience to modern-day pharmacies.

"We now have a robot to count pills so it's quite different than when I started 60 years ago," Mildred continued.

But she still likes to count pills by hand.

Sixty years is a long time, but one thing has helped her stay in it for the long haul.

"I always had good bosses. I've outlived all of them but Alan," Mildred joked.

"She works so hard and so consistently all the time. You don't have to tell her what to do because she's already doing it," said Mildred's boss Alan Flener.

Her co-workers find Mildred's work ethic an inspiration.

"I'll come in here dragging, not ready to work and she comes in ready to go with a perfect personality. That makes you want to be more like her," said Mildred's co-worker Jessica Lane.

At 84-years-old, Mildred shows no signs of slowing down.

"When I stay home two days together, I'm ready to come back to work," she assured.

"It's really amazing. I think she enjoys what she does," Mildred's co-worker Wanda Walters said.

And retirement? You can forget that.

"My family has tried to get me to retire, but I still like to work," Mildred said.

In fact, she was offered the day off to celebrate her anniversary but opted to stay and work instead.

Clark's Drugs held a reception in Mildred's honor to celebrate her 60th anniversary working there, which just happened to be Labor Day.

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