Apartment Fire Destroys Residents Homes

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Lilly Vanwyk was inside her apartment at Chandler Park Apartments with her three kids when a fire started Friday afternoon in Building 11.

"I was just trying to get the kids out hoping we can get out safe when the alarm went off I first though it was my kids playing PlayStation," Vanwyk said.

Then Lilly realized that what she was hearing was the fire alarm she went outside and saw the flames going through the roof.

"The sickening part is that families have been displaced," Vanwyk said.

Chandler Park Apartments owner Mike Simpson pointed out that these apartments are less than a year old, but it's not the building he's worried about.

"I've spoken with most of the families and they're all understandably upset but know we are doing everything we can to assist them," Simpson said.

Mike did contact the Hilton Garden Inn, to put the tenants in a hotel until they can be moved into permanent apartments.

"We'll be working through the night tonight to match up any vacancies that we have here," Simpson said.

Everyone that was in the building got out fine. Families, like Lilly's, say though loosing their belongings is hard, they're just glad to be okay.

"It's just earthly things, as long as my kids are out safe, I'm happy," Vanwyk said.

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