Fruit of the Loom Executive Found Guilty

A former Fruit of the Loom executive is found guilty of conspiracy to commit mail fraud to the tune of $250,000 dollars.

A federal jury found 45-year-old Kenneth Scott Harris of Euless, Texas guilty of conspiring with another Fruit of the Loom executive, Kalen Watkins and two outside contractors to defraud Fruit of the Loom.

In 1998, Harris started a company called Risk Management Group in Bowling Green at the request of Kalen Watkins.

In their agreement, Watkins promised Harris business from Fruit of the Loom if Harris made him a silent partner in RMG.

Harris is currently an executive with the Federal Environmental Protection Agency in Dallas, Texas.

Harris's sentencing hearing is scheduled for December 4th. He could get a maximum of 5 years in jail, a $250,000 dollar fine, and supervised release for a period of 3 years.

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