WKU Fans Tailgate On Opening Day

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It was a nice day to be outdoors and that's exactly where a lot of Western Kentucky University football fans were this weekend.

Sept. 8 was WKU's first home game of the season against West Virginia Tech.

This year marks Western's first season as a Division-One football team and fans are hoping this will get more people filling the stadium.

WBKO's Daniel Kemp did a little tailgating of his own to get some reactions from fans.

It's opening day at Western's newly named stadium and fans are gearing up for the team's first home game.

"It's great. It's a lot of fun. It's the fourth year we've been down here doing this," Western parent Ron Drapp said.

Grills are lit, tailgates are down and cornhole is well underway.

"We get together, play cornhole and hang out with friends. It's a good social gathering and a way to meet people," WKU Senior Andrew Smith assured.

And fans say WKU's new move to Division 1-A should bring more people through the gates and into the stands.

"Obviously it depends on who they're playing, but overtime I think they will," Drapp explained.

"It's brought a lot more attention to us. Bigger stadium means more people, and that's always good for Western," Smith added.

And it's a bigger stadium that Smith is excited for.

"It's going to be nice when they get done. The stadium was needing some work anyhow," he said.

But even with the construction, it's not stopping the Drapp family from heading down the Hill and catching the big game.

"Yeah, we're planning on going over. We usually do," Drapp assured.

And from making predictions on the Hilltopper's big opener.

"Western, 49-- West Virginia Tech, 20," Drapp predicted.

The score wasn't quite that close, but if you missed out on the game, WKU plays Eastern Kentucky University on Sept. 15 at Western's stadium at 2 p.m.

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