Adoptathon Prepares for Broadcast

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It's prime time television for animal lovers Tuesday night when Insight cable channel 5 broadcasts the sixth annual Adoptathon. The program showcases potential pets that are up for adoption at the Bowling Green Warren County Animal Shelter.

Melissa Kemmis and Cody Harris are at the No Kill Adoption Center hoping to pick a pet.

"Pretty much, we'd adopt everything here if we had the room for it," Melissa explained.

That's a sentiment that the center wishes more area residents felt.

"Our intake level just continues to rise and unfortunately, there are some days where we only have one or two adoptions and 30 to 40 bring-ins," said Lorri Hare, Humane Society Executive Director.

In an effort to find more pets a home, the sixth annual Adoptathon airs Tuesday night. The program offers a peek at the center's pets and a chance to hear each animal's story.

"It's situations like tomorrow that we can really tug at people's hearts and draw people to animals that they may not have been drawn to if they just walked into the shelter," Hare explained.

Before their on-air debut, some of the animals are getting their beauty rest, while others clean up, whether they like it or not.

"Basically, everybody is getting all the animals and fluffed and cleaned and readied for the showtime tomorrow night," said Jean Secrest, Insight Media sales manager.

And now, the center's just hoping for viewers to tune in and consider taking home an animal who's anxious to be set free from a cage.

"It's almost like they know you've saved their life, you've saved their life by adopting them and you've enriched your life by adopting them," Secrest said.

"It's just a great way to help out these babies," Hare added.

The sixth annual Adoptathon will be shown on Insight channel 5 Tuesday night from 6 until 9 p.m. It will be hosted by Scooter Davis, Tony Rose and WBKO's own Darla Oglesby.

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