Adventures in Kentucky: Backyard Football

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Last time on Adventures in Kentucky, Brandon Lokits took a trip down the scenic Green River.

Brandon picks up the pace a bit on this Sept. 17 edition and brings you an activity that can include almost everyone.

September means many things in South-Central Kentucky. It is the beginning of cooler days, changing seasons and for some, the most important happening--football.

But simply watching football is not an adventure--getting off of the couch and heading outside, however, is.

On this Adventures in Kentucky, we're going to do something pretty simple--just a little two-hand touch backyard football.

Backyard football takes very little in the way of equipment because all you need is a ball, which is why we played it as kids. So why is it that we never play anymore?

"I was sore the minute I took two steps toward my car after the game. Typically you have to wait a couple of days for the soreness to set in--it was tough. It was tough to get to my car and when I got home, it was tough to get out," admitted Doug Thompson, creator and editor of the Sporting Times.

Soreness aside, this is something nearly everyone can do.

"Girls can play too," backyard football player, Lauren Sanders, said.

"It was a lot of fun to go out there. It was a beautiful day to take a couple of hours and go out and run, and throw a football around. I haven't done that for years, but it was a lot of fun," Thompson assured.

And if you know the right people, you may even be able to have your own cheering section at the game.

So with all of that said, there's only one thing left to do.

"I'm gonna go to the pharmacy and get all the heating pads and the ointments and all the things I can get to get me back in shape for next Sunday," Thompson said.

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