Hazardous Chemical Spill Closes I-65

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An early morning hazardous chemical spill on I-65 near Munfordville shut down traffic in both directions and left motorists stranded for hours.

Police say a truck carrying the highly flammable and combustible chemical Vinyl Toluenes overturned around 4:30 this morning at mile marker 68 on I-65 northbound.

"He was passing us and must of fell asleep and went off in the median, you can see the tracks," says Jim Herdrich, another big-rig driver.

HazMat cleanup teams from multiple state agencies were called in to clean up the spill, while I-65 traffic backed up for four to five miles in each direction.

"We been out here since 4:00. Bedded down, can't move, can't go no where. We're stuck here," said a stranded truck driver.

Traffic was eventually diverted to US 31-W at the Bonnieville (mile marker 72) and Munfordville (65) exits, but traffic along the two-lane highway moved at a snail's pace for most of the day.

Southbound lanes were re-opened by mid afternoon but were shut down again for clean up efforts around 7:15 Tuesday evening.

A related crash killed a Michigan truck driver at mile marker 78. Police believe the driver was coming up on the backed-up traffic and didn't slow down in time. His truck crashed and burst into flames, killing him.

The driver of the chemical truck was rescued, decontaminated, and taken to a local medical facility for treatment.