Residents Not Happy About KKK Stop in Morgantown

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Some area homeowners are caught off guard after members of the Ku Klux Klan leave their business cards.

The KKK is making its way through Kentucky.

Over Labor Day, the group left their business cards on driveways and in mailboxes in Owensboro.

Now we're told they came through Bowling Green on Sept. 17 and dropped their cards off in at least eight neighborhoods.

The KKK also made a stop in Morgantown and residents there say they aren't happy about the unexpected visit.

Don Baker has lived in Morgantown more than 20 years and he said this isn't the first time the town has been visited by the KKK.

"I've got two grandchildren and that, you know, they don't need to be out here," Baker said.

But this is the first time they've ever left their business card.

"A few times I've known of it. I got up and my post box is right up there and I found several laying around. I've still got one on me and one was stuck in my mail box," Baker added.

He said the most disturbing part of the situation is what's written on the business card.

"I was watching over your neighborhood last night while you slept," Baker said of what was on the card.

"I wouldn't expect someone to check my lawn or tell me they're watching over me. I take that as a threat with their background and everything," he continued.

And so does Morgantown Police.

"We're going to actually beef up patrol a little bit at night to ensure anyone on our streets are supposed to be here," Morgantown Police Captain Billy Phelps said.

He said many residents have called the police station upset about the business cards.

"If I need someone to watch over me I do what I've done all my life, call dispatch," Baker assured.

"If anything upsets the safety of the public or potentially the safety, we have to take it for real, whether it was meant that way or not," Phelps explained.

But he doesn't think there is anything to worry about.

"There's nothing to be gained here by the Ku Klux Klan," Phelps admitted.

"They're a dying breed and they're trying to promote it," Baker added.

The business cards were only found in two areas of Morgantown--on Tyler St. and Maple St.

Captain Phelps said he's not sure why those particular streets were targeted but said you can tell they were handed out by a national organization, rather than a local group.

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