Decision to Condemn Apartment Complex is Reversed

A decision to condemn a Bowling Green apartment complex two years ago is reversed.

Now, the owner gets a new hearing.

In July of 2005, dozens of residents of Bowling Green Estates were kicked out of their apartments when the facility was deemed unsafe.

Arun Mahtani was forced to close the lower level of the apartments and was fined more than $3,000.

Mahtani appealed the citation from the Bowling Green Code Enforcement Board but it was upheld in a hearing a few months later.

On Sept. 19, Warren District Judge Sam Potter released a 20-page opinion, reversing the decision of the code enforcement board.

Mahtani's attorney, Alan Simpson, calls the document a scathing opinion that is critical of the whole condemnation process.

Additional proceedings have been ordered, but Simpson told WBKO he and his client are all ears if the city wants to resolve the issue.

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