Adventures in Kentucky: Dinosaur World

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Do you know what a Stegosaurus ate or what was an Iguandon's strangest feature?

Well there's one place in South-Central Kentucky you can have all your dinosaur questions answered.

In this Sept. 24 edition of Adventures in Kentucky, Brandon Lokits takes a trip to Dinosaur World.

Some adventures are easily accessible and require little effort, but a common adventure thread is crossing the threshold of something new.

On this Adventures in Kentucky, we're going to take an adventure back in time.

We've teamed up with Nicole Randall of Dinosaur World to explore a few creatures of the past.

If you've ever driven Interstate-65 North towards Louisville then you've probably seen it.

It's the massive orange T-Rex on the side of the road.

Many people have seen it, but few may know the extent of Dinosaur World's exhibit.

We discovered that there is a wealth of dinosaur information in our own back yard.

A major park attraction is the more than 100 life-sized dinosaurs that make up the dinosaur walk.

Make sure to have a guide with you and don't get too close, because you never know what you'll run into out there.

In addition to the life-size dinosaurs, there's something else the young paleontologist may enjoy.

In the fossil dig, you can search for real fossils. These fossils vary from extinct plant life, to sharks teeth and sea urchins.

Near the fossil dig is the indoor museum where you can see real fossils.

The tremendous size of some of these creatures is amazing.

Overall, Dinosaur World is a detour worth taking.

For more information on Dinosaur World, check out the brochure:

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