Lake Malone Tourism Troubles

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The state is trying to bring more tourism to South Central Kentucky.

The Department of Parks is looking for a private bid or contractor to build and operate cottages and a marina at Lake Malone State Park in Muhlenberg and Logan Counties.

The park manager says ever since a fire in the area burned an inn at the park tourism has suffered.

Jayson Walker brings his son, Hunter, to Lake Malone every couple of weeks.

"He loves it. Just walking around looking at the squirrels and stuff, and looking at the water," Walker said.

The park offers boating, hiking, a beach, picnic shelters, a marina and a campground.

Park Manager Paula Sherman says on the weekends the lake is always busy.

"On the weekend, they're parked all the way up the hill. It's very busy," assured Sherman.

During the week, Jayson and Hunter love how peaceful it is out here, but say sometimes it can be a little too quiet.

"There's nothing going on around here anymore," Walker admitted.

"The inn at the entrance to the park burned down a few years ago. It was privately owned," Sherman explained.

The only place to stay at Lake Malone is the campground, so tourism is slow.

"A lot of the stores--the little small stores closed up. A lot less business, just nothing going on, drive through and there's no other cars," Walker added.

To improve Lake Malone, the Department of Parks is looking for someone to invest their own money and build at least 10 to 15 cottages.

"The area definitely needs it, it needs something," Walker continued.

They will also be required to renovate the current marina adding about 20 boat slips, a retail shop and a gasoline dock.

"We have a very nice park here and it would be good if someone could come in here and make some improvements," Sherman said.

This is something Jayson and Hunter are looking forward too.

Even though they enjoy the peace and quiet, they're excited to see a little more action.

"More people for him to play with," Walker said.

The deadline for submitting a bid is October 12.

More information about the proposal is available here.

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