Overtime Law Helping Restaurant Workers

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Employees at Jimmy John's stay busy, and with the new overtime rules some changes have had to be made.

Manager, Robert Odle, says, "The new overtime law that went into effect on August 23 says any salaried employee needs to make $23,660 a year. And they were on the threshold. But we went ahead and raised it to be in compliance of the law."

The overtime law states any salaried workers who make less than $23,600 a year must be paid overtime if they work more than 40 hours a week. Only the assistant manager falls into the pay change at Jimmy John's.

Odle says, "The law states that restaurant employees are to be paid overtime. We are already paying our hourly employees overtime pay if they work more than 40 hours a week."

These changes to particularly impact managers and assistant managers at restaurants because many of them work over forty hours a week without extra pay. At Jimmy John's the manager and assistant manager work 45-65 hours a week.

Odle says, "That overtime pay would have been substantial. It would have been a substantial amount, so we went ahead and just raised it up so we wouldn't have to give the overtime pay."

The assistant manager was not available Tuesday, but Odle says he can imagine how he must feel.

Odle says, "I'm sure he loves it. I'm sure it gave him that little raise there. He still has to work the same amount of time but he gets a little more money out of it."