A Farming Year in Review

For several farmers across our area, it was not a good year for corn because of severe heat and dry conditions.

"110 plus temperatures is really a bad thing on corn, let alone we didn't have any rain for it. So, it dried up and didn't do anything like it normally does," said farmer Steven Cline.

While that terrible trend was the same for Cline, he and his farming partner Darrell Dickerson had a good year with beans.

"Actually this year surprisingly, especially the double crop beans this year have done an excellent job. We got rain when they needed it, and the temperatures were good for it. So, actually it's life cycle was able to just go, and they made good beans," said Cline.

One of the reasons they've been successful is because of knowing the science behind what makes for a good yield.

"It's very important to know your soil, your farm, and to be able to compare those to buy the seed that works best on those farms. So, if you do have a year of a drought, there's a lot of genetics that will withstand drought better than others, or rain, if you have farms that hold a lot of water," said Cline.

As far as the expectations of the wheat they're planting now, the outlook is hopeful.

"As farmers you hope for the best, and you expect an average year, but like i said you always hope for the best. We're getting it in at a good time this year, the weather's working for us right now to get our beans in, and get the wheat planted. It's all in the weather," said Cline.

At least for right now, they say the weather is perfect.

Cline say they still have beans to harvest and wheat to plant.

Also, another crop farmers say has done ok this year, is tobacco.

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