A Franklin Family Forced Out Of Home During Fire

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FRANKLIN, Ky (WBKO) -- An early morning fire in Franklin, forces a family of four out of their home.

Firefighters worked for hours to cease the intense flames burning a home on Hillcrest Street.

“It just seems like seconds later I heard him yelling fire, fire, y'all get out there's a fire in the garage," said Mary Simmons, homeowner.

Mary Simmons lost a lifetime of possessions this morning as her home of thirty-two years was engulfed in flames.

Her husband, Richard Simmons, noticed the fire while leaving for work, soon after he finished drinking his morning coffee.

"That's his habit, to go back and forth like that. We had a pool table in there and a motorcycle and all these things. That was on his return trip when he saw that," said Mary Simmons, homeowner.

The flame destroyed the family's garage, open car port, motorcycle, along with one SUV sitting outside of the garage.

"Our firefighters entered the house to make an offensive attack, started those activities, and then had to exit because the fire was coming down on them from the attic," said Mark Halcomb, Franklin-Simpson Fire Chief.

Fire fighters carried out personal items, such as jewelry, clothes, and bibles. All containing soot and ashes.

Richard Simmons chose not to be seen on camera, but says he recalls seeing flames appear near his work bench before swallowing the structure.

At this time, fire officials cannot confirm a cause of fire, but say the investigation is ongoing.

"I would say it's pretty near a total loss. We are very blessed that we were all out and okay because if he had already left for work, the rest of us could have well been still sleeping," said Mary Simmons, homeowner.

Red Cross was on scene and Mrs. Simmons says the family plans to stay at a hotel until further notice.

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