AT&T Officially Launches 4G LTE In Bowling Green

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Some AT&T customers may have noticed a change in their wireless service to faster speeds.

The ribbon was cut Tuesday morning for the official launch of AT&T 4G LTE in Bowling Green.

Louisville and Lexington are the only other 4G LTE markets in Kentucky.

The technology speeds up processing time for just about everything on your mobile device.

Cell phone users have already been impressed with what's new.

"Customers have come in saying what is this LTE on my phone? There are so excited. We have so many devices here in our store on Campbell Lane that you can come in and demo the LTE product. If you have an LTE capable device you don't have to do anything else your phone is going to work," says AT&T Retail Sales Manager Shannon Willman.

Bluegrass Wireless also offers 4G LTE to users in Warren, Barren, Hart, Hardin and Nelson counties.

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