Absentee Ballot Procedure

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The deadline to register to vote has passed, but it's not too late to apply for absentee ballots.

The Warren County Clerk explains how you can still make your vote count, even if you plan to be away from your voting precinct on election day.

"They can come in and vote in our office right now for absentee. Also, they can request a mail-in ballot. The mail-in ballots have to be back in our office by Oct. 30,"said Warren County Clerk Dot Owens.

Owens says you can also walk in and vote now but bring your ID just as you would to a normal precinct.

She says nearly 1,000 new voters have registered to vote or changed their addresses much more than the usual number.

For more information on how can apply for an absentee ballot go to http://warrencounty.state.ky.us/votedept.htm or call your county clerk.

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