Car Accident Causes Concern in Neighborhood

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A fear for some residents near the newly-constructed intersection at Cave Mill and Smallhouse Roads became a reality today.


Andrew Herman was mowing his yard near the road where only a small curb stands between residents, their property, and a new intersection. What happened next, he said he's feared for months.

"I'd come up through the front here by the driveway, and I hear a guy hitting his horn and I turned and looked up and the gentleman had come across Cave Mill and Smallhouse, and it looked like he was sleeping in the car and it came up on the curb and just missed me by about five or six feet, and then ran into my tree right here," said resident Andrew Herman.

Herman says this isn't the first time a car has entered a yard here.

"It's a danger to the people out here. We had somebody go up on top of that the other day also," said Herman.

Another resident says the new intersection has its pros, but safety of the homes and residents nearby isn't one of them.

"I know the traffic flow is a lot better here no with the traffic light, but there's no protection for my house because all the right of way has been taken away from this area," said resident Kathy Smith.

Smith says the stoplight seems to become more dangerous as more people feel they're used to it, and use less caution.

"Instead of slowing down, they gain speed just like they do on Campbell Lane and other intersections where there's a lot of accidents and problems. It isn't very safe for us to be in the front yard," said Smith.

Both say they hope something can be done to help.

"Put a curb up... a higher curb, or a guard rail or something," said Herman.

Smith says the curb may damage a car and make the driver more aware, but it doesn't prevent them from driving into their yard.

The driver of the car that hit their tree left the scene before police arrive, and Bowling Green police say they have identified the man, but have not located him. They say it is unclear at this point whether any charges will be made.

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