Accused Murderer Set Free; Family Feels Threatened

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For the past six and a half years the family of Rex Coffey has had to sit and wait for justice to be served. On Friday a final decision was made.

Wellie Paul Grant was released on bond after a very long process to decide his competency to stand trial for Coffey's murder.

"Something you never get over. I kept thinking that maybe I'd had cancer, and different things happen to me but God always spared my life. I thought I'm going to be able to live to see justice for my son"

But that justice never came for Imogene Coffey. Due to the fact that his physical health was deteriorating along with his dementia, Wellie Paul Grant was found incompetent to stand trial for murder Friday and it was a tough blow to the family that has waited so long.

"First you're in amazement, then you're sort of in a fog. Then you get mad. It's just a mix of emotions that they actually just let him go." said the widow of Rex, Tammy Kassem.

Grant is accused of shooting Rex Coffey at Beech Grove Separate Baptist Church in Adair County during a dispute in June of 2006. Terms of his release include that he can't operate a motor vehicle, or possess a firearm, and he's not allowed to leave his home without the company of an adult family member. But the Coffey family still worries that he's dangerous.

"It's a sad thing that we have to live on guard every day. When I leave I lock the doors now. I'll be more alert to watch the kids down at the church. It's just totally changed." added Pam Cundiff who is Rex's sister.

Rex has been gone for nearly seven years now, but the recent ruling adds a stain to an already painful memory that the Coffey family will have to deal with forever.

"He was a wonderful son. He never gave any trouble. He was a hard worker. He was just a good person. It's been such a vacancy when one of your children die or are taken. It's part of your heart, it takes part of your heart." Rex's mother Imogene Coffey said while holding back tears.

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