Adjusting To Bowling Green's Roundabout

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky (WBKO) -- Construction for Bowling Green's largest roundabout project is wrapping up, but are you comfortable driving on it?

Use caution, yield and never assume you have the right of way. These are important rules to keep in mind while adjusting to the roundabout.

The purpose of the new road is to relieve traffic congestion at the intersection of Hwy 31-W, University Boulevard and Loving Way.

“There are no stop lights, stop signs, or traffic signals. At the roundabout, it is a constant flow of traffic which is what is great about the roundabout," said Wes Watt, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

However, there are a few situations to avoid while using the roadway.

According to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, you should avoid switching lanes while using the roundabout.

If you want to exit right off of the roundabout, enter in the right lane. Same rule of thumb if you want to exit left off of the road. If you are driving straight, with no intentions of exiting the road, either lane is an option.

"Be in your lane before you get to the roundabout. Most importantly, folks don't need to stop in it. If you get in the wrong lane, or are unable to get to the transition point, go ahead and exit the roundabout. Stopping inside of the roundabout could be dangerous and we don't want that," said Wes Watt, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

If you feel your direction of travel will be affected, no worries. Once the roundabout is open, all directions will be accessible. However, there is a major change for one side street.

"Chestnut Street will be a right in right out turn only," said Wes Watt, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

Road officials say drivers should not be in fear of driving this new road, simply use caution and pay attention.

"There are a lot of people unfamiliar with roundabouts so there is always that learning curve," said Wes Watt, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

As a reminder, the entire roundabout will close Sunday, August 3, until its grand opening, August 8.

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