Adopt-A-Thon Puts Pets in the Spotlight

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Grab your popcorn because tonight the animals will be the stars of the big screen in the 11th annual Adopt-A-Thon.

We visited the local humane society today to show you some of the adoptable pets that need a home.

"Tonight the animals are the stars and we can actually take them live on tv and tell their story,"says Lorri Hare, Director of BGWC Humane Society.

Tonight until 9 PM on channel five you can see some the adoptable dogs and cats the Bowling Green...Warren County Humane Society has to offer.

From brand new puppies like, Abigail to the longest residents, Astro and Mathers every animal is longing for a home.

"Some of them have really sad stories and it's great that we get to showcase that because some of our oldest residents get adopted through the Adopt-A-Thon," says Hare.

Sabrina here is one of 114 Chihuahuas who was rescued from a hoarder and for just $50 you can give her a new home.

"She is our last one left out of the 23 chiuauas we received from the hoarding situation and were really hoping tonight someone will see her and she'll win them over,"says Hare.

It's not just about the adoptions but donations is what keeps our humane society a no kill facility.

"Were run solely on donations so we rely on events like this to get us through difficult months," says Hare.

The BGWC Humane Society is currently the temporary home of more than 200 animals and tonight you can help them reach their goal of giving 25 animals a permanent home.

"There is no better feeling than saving a life and we can absolutely not do it without our community."

Tonight you have the chance to help those who cannot help themselves.

..Again you can tune in tonight until 9 PM on channel 5 to adopt a pet or make donations.

The event will air again on Saturday and Sunday at noon.

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