Adult Arrested After Barren County Bomb Threats

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"We have not experienced anything like this for some time. It seems like there are trends in this happening throughout the state and nation." said Mark Wallace of Barren County Schools.

The threats discovered inside Barren County Middle and High Schools were written on walls inside the building, but the threat at Temple Hill Elementary Wednesday was a very different one. It was called in via telephone.

"Thanks to SCRTC, T-Mobile, and the Barren County Information and Technologies Systems, we were able to use phone records to track back to the adult. We don't think there is any connection with the adults and the juveniles and right now it would only be speculating why the adult made the call." said Deputy Mike Houchens of the Barren County Sheriff's Department.

That adult is Renee Farley, 38, who allegedly called Paul's Minute Market down the road from Temple Hill Elementary and allegedly made the threat. Though this happened around the same time as the bomb threats to the middle and high school, at the moment she is thought to have acted alone.The Barren County Sheriff's Department and School
System just want students to be able to have a normal school day and they also want people to know that threats made to the schools will not be taken lightly.

"I certainly hope that individuals who contemplate such things as this realize that they're going to be accountable. They're going to be held accountable to state and federal laws." stated Wallace.

"As far as juveniles making threats, they need to know if they talk about bomb threats they can be charged with a crime." added Houchens.

The Barren County Sheriff's Department says the investigation is ongoing and more arrests are possible.

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