Afni of Bowling Green To Hire 200

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Despite a rough economy nationwide South Central Kentucky continues to grow. Afni, which opened in Bowling Green in 2000, has announced an expansion of 200 new jobs. They welcomed potential employees into their offices Monday for a hiring event.

"Even though we have had this situation with the economy we are still able to grow and expand our operations so it's very exciting for us we are very happy about the opportunities we have in Bowling Green," says Director of Human Resources Carol King.

Afni is a nationwide call center. The 200 jobs for supervisors and customer service representatives comes from a new client that has increased business.

"This particular project we have is doing incredibly well so the call volume is increasing so we need more people to handle the increased call volume," says King.

Krystal Smith has been with Afni for 10 years. Similar to today, the company gave her a chance during a tough economy. The warm atmosphere has made coming to work more enjoyable.

"Afni is more of a family oriented place. I feel like that when I leave my house I am still here a part of my family as well," says Smith.

As the company continues to expand Smith knows how hard it is finding a job. She hopes others can have the same opportunity she was given 10 years ago.

"I would think that if you are looking for a job this would be a great place to start especially since they work with your school schedules, we work with families if they have child care issues. We work around things like that," says Smith.

Afni says they will continue their hiring through the end of the year.

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