Grave Desecration in Edmonson County

It's a quiet cemetery in Edmonson County, but it's now the site of a disturbing scene.

Someone desecrated the grave site of Christopher Decker at Sweeden Baptist Church Cemetery by removing one of his gravestones and burying it completely in his grave.

"For somebody to do that, go down there and actually dig into the grave and throw a monument in it. There's no reason for anybody to ever doing anything like that to anybody," said Joann Decker, mother of Christopher Decker's child.

Edmonson County Sheriff is investigating this unusual case, and just started on it today.

"There's only been one other. I've been here since 2008, and I've only known of one other case, but it wasn't to this extent," said Deputy Brian Starnes, Edmonson County Sheriff.

Deputy Starnes said the current charges for this case are 2nd Degree Desecration of Venerated Objects and Criminal Mischief, and there could possibly be more charges coming in this case.

"It just depends on what we find once we get the headstone removed. I'm hoping we'll have more evidence then," said Starnes.

Christopher Decker died from a car accident in 2003 shortly after his daughter with Joann Decker, Terran was born.

"It's just awful. I loved my daddy, he was a good person. I don't see who would want to do that to somebody," said Terran Decker.

"My heart goes out to everybody that's involved. It's got to be a painful situation, and we just want to get it wrapped up, and taken care of as soon as possible," said Starnes.

The Sheriff's department says they do have some suspects at this time, but no names are being released since it's an open investigation, and no one has been arrested.

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