Allen County Back to School Bash

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Allen County students are kicking off the school year early with a little help from volunteers at the J.M Smuckers Company and the community.

Students and parents prepared for this school year at the annual Allen County back to school bash.

"This starts the school year off on a positive note. With a little interaction with teachers and administrators and just the community at large," said Allen County Intermediate Center Principal Randy Cook.

The event was also part of United Way of Southern Kentucky's Day of Caring.

"Day of Caring is a time where you can volunteer and give back in your community. The company I work with has been very good to us, to allow us to give back... to give our time, our treasure, our talent... just to make the community a better place," said J.M. Smuckers' Dana Russell.

"We teamed up with the intermediate center here in Allen County, and facilitated a lot of the community involvement," said United Way of Southern Kentucky Programs Dir. Tony Huynh.

That community involvement could be seen in the form of numerous activities and services at the bash.

"Dental screenings, haircuts... you name it and we've got it today," said Cook.

Volunteers for the J.M. Smuckers Company also help organize the event, something they used to offer independently, but now work with United Way and the intermediate center to host.

"Last year, we decided to partner with the school. They had a bash, we had a bash, so we decided why not put it together and make it a big bash," said Russell.

Russell says volunteers from Smuckers will continue their Day of Caring service tomorrow at the Barefoot Republic Camp.

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