Alvaton Fire Department Hosts Open House

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The Alvaton Fire Department hosted its annual open house Sunday afternoon.

There were door prizes, food, a bounce house for kid, and they had a live vehicle extrication.

Chief Brad Harper said most people don't realize what firefighters do -- especially volunteers -- so it's a chance for them to see it firsthand.

This year, Fire Prevention Week was about kitchen safety, so they had a stove fire demonstration also.

"Don't put water on it -- you want to cover it or use something like baking soda, something that will smother the fire not spread the fire. But the big thing we like to teach is with the children -- not touch the pans that are on the stove. They have the tendency to see that handle sticking out there. We want mom and dad to know to make sure they turn those handles in -- keep people from getting burned," Harper said.

He said up to 300 people attend the event each year, and they're always looking for volunteers.

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