Alvaton Fire Department Debuts New Tornado Safe Room

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The Alvaton Fire Department wants to make sure the community is kept safe if a tornado were to hit.

They recently debuted a storm shelter at one of their stations.

Their newest tornado safe room is located at station three in Bowling Green.

It can hold up to 300 people and is made of concrete.

The 250,000 dollar safe room was paid for by both the Fire Department and a grant from FEMA.

Fire officials says the outside door to the safe room will also
automatically unlock if Warren County's sirens were to go off during a storm.

"We wanted to build the tornado safe room to protect our community. Primarily, Greenwood Estates Mobile Home Park, there's over 180 homes in the mobile home park and they really don't have a place to go if the weather turns bad so we wanted to build a room that they could come to and be safe during bad weather," says John Chidester, a firefighter at the Alvaton Fire Department.

The Alvaton Fire Department says they also have another safe room at station one.

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