Amish Woman Dies in Buggy Versus Car Collision

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An Amish woman is dead after a car struck the buggy she and her husband were driving today.

The Simpson County Sheriff's Office says when a car drove around a curve on Roark Rd it hit the buggy.

Two vehicles have been left with major damage-- one a Dodge Intrepid, the other a horse-drawn buggy.

"We have quite a few from Allen County. This is really close to Allen county so we have a lot of horse and buggies and the Amish from over there that's traveling through. They come and sell products so they go to town and different things," says Simpson County Sheriff Chris Cline.

Police say the Amish buggy was traveling southbound toward Allen County and the car drove around the curve heading northbound hitting the buggy.

"As it came around the corner it struck the horse and buggy on the front left side around where the front wheel is and the two passengers in the horse and buggy were ejected," Sheriff Cline says.

Police say the passengers were Leah Kraley, 68, and Eric Kraley, 71.

"We were notified from the Simpson County coroner's office that they had pronounced Miss Kraley at the Medical Center here in Franklin that she had passed away from the accident," says Sheriff Cline.

Eric Kraley is also in the Medical Center and his condition is stable.

The horse pulling the buggy was also hurt.

"He looks to have been a very very lucky horse. He has a small laceration between his front legs and just some scrapes down his legs. There's a little bit of blood on him, but I think they are just from some minor injuries," says Crocker Animal Hospital's Dr. Amy Wyatt.

The driver of the car, Matthew Holman, 20, was not injured.

Sheriff Cline says evidence on the scene suggests Holman was not speeding.

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